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Choosing a Business Certification Training Provider

Finding a business certification training provider can be a feat, regardless of your industry. There are lots of options out there, but how can you find the best? What factors must you consider?

Here are tips to help you find the answers:

Choose the people you ask referrals from.

People can brag about having received the best training een with zero frame reference. If they’ve never taken a similar course before, what makes them think it’s the best? If they took a lot of courses with the same training provider, how can we ensure that their opinion is objective? The best people to ask referrals from are those who’ve taken the same or similar courses with different providers.

Take a good look at their website.

Any one-man team can look like a Fortune 500 company with an attractive website. It’s totally different when you have someone with a bad website. Nobody, even the humblest trader, will want a bad website. A bad website is one where contact information is a mobile phone number and a Yahoo/Gmail email address, a page leads to a 404 Error message, bad quality photos, and spelling and grammar errors abound. Training providers, being in the education business, have no right to be less than excellent in their literacy skills.

Find out about accreditation.

All training courses can have three types of accreditation – external accreditation, trade body approval and in-house certification from an independent training provider. External accreditation may seem to be the “highest” of all three types, but remember that accreditation type by itself does not indicate credibility. You should also consider the training provider’s quality assurance systems. External accreditation should not be considered a guarantee of any kind.

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Examine the price.

Price does matter in terms of business training certification courses. If you have a drastically cheap provider, remember that there is no other for them to profit but to cut their corners. Fortunately, the opposite is not necessarily. Regardless of the provider’s brand name or reputation, you don’t have to spend more than necessary.

Know the trainers.

A very intelligent person isn’t automatically a very good teacher. That’s why you have to look beyond technical expertise and consider teaching experience as well.

Talk to the provider.

By now, you should have come down to your last two or three prospects. After researching them, what’s the next step? Give them a ring. You’ll be have a much better feel for them by actually talking to them than just reading about them on the Internet. Lastly trust your instincts. If they answer any of your questions with some hesitation or if you sense some bluffing going on, you know that’s a bad sign.

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