What to Look for in an ISP?

Chelan County is a wonderful place to live and work. If you’re new to the area, then you’re probably wondering what to look for in an internet service provider Chelan County WA. There are many providers in the area, so how do you choose which one best suit your needs? The best thing to do is check each plan against each other to see which ones have the right technical tools for you at the right prices. Is your new ISP going to be used for business or personal use? Or perhaps both? These answers will help you decide which speeds are right for your budget. Different providers offer different types of wired technology such as fixed wireless, DSL, cable, satellite and fiber optic.


Trying to find the least expensive plan and still get the most out of it can be a bit confusing. Different speeds and data plans can be overwhelming. Speak with several providers to find out exactly what your personal use or business user needs would cost. Ask about any latest offers going on which might help to get you started. Can you live with what you’d get with what you paid for? If yes, you’ve probably found the right ISP provider. If maybe no, then keep shopping around for the best speeds and data plans in your area of Chelan.


The average speed of downloads in Chelan is 28.41 Mbps. It is 41.9% more slow than the rest of the country on average. Around 84% of Chelan residents have ISP service from different multiple providers. The fastest zip code in Chelan is reported to be 98816.
Speeds are important because no one likes to watch the little circle go around for very long! If your internet takes too much time getting too where you need to be then you won’t be as productive. So, if possible go to the zip code that’s fastest!

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Availability and Reliability

Not all providers are available or are limited in their coverage for your area for now. If streaming HD movies and playing online multiplayer games is important to you then you’ll want to check out the most reliable ISP that is available to you. Some providers offer a “no contract” deal where you can try them out and if you are not satisfied, simply switch. Fiber optics and high-speed satellite seem to be the fastest with DSL coming in last place as the slowest.

Customer Service

Customer service is very important when looking for an Internet service provider. You need a smart, knowledgeable person on the other end of the line. This person should be an expert at helping you out and directing you towards solutions. Customer service should be excellent as this also is a reflection on the provider and you are paying them! When you find out what is available in your area, compare providers, get a great offer and have awesome customer service, you should be a happy internet camper!