What Really Stinks About Technology

There is this idea that technology is made to be better and more convenient as time goes on. However, it seems that it has become more tedious and difficult to fix for the common man. If you want to take the battery out of a laptop model that is about four years old, there is a good chance that you will just have to flip it over and pop out the back. However, on many newer models of laptops and “2-in-1s,” taking the battery out of laptop is a struggle. On some models, you have to use special tools to peel stuff off, screw things out and pry stuff apart. This contrasts to the relative ease of taking out batteries on previous models of laptops.

The question comes up of why computers would be made to be harder to fix. Well, maybe the manufacturers want people to have to spend money on professional services when it comes to fixing various issues that have to do with software and hardware. For example, people have to seek out things like maintenance cmms software solutions and a variety of other services. This puts money into the pockets of professionals, though it take money out of the pockets of common people who may not have a lot of money to throw away.

Jobs Are Lost

There was a time when people could made an okay living driving cabs. With the rise of apps like Uber, those days are gone. Now, there are countless career-cab-drivers who can no longer make a comfortable salary from what used to be a more promising occupation. Respectable occupations have gone to the waste side as the market becomes flooded with people who are willing to do anything for cheaper. These people are present on various apps and websites. This can also be seen with other jobs, such as writing, tutoring and graphic design.

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Crazy Ideologies Being Spread

What is a “crazy ideology” and what isn’t a “crazy ideology” depends on what you think a crazy ideology is. However, we can all agree that technology has led to crazy the spread of crazy ideologies and fake, biased news that supports those ideologies. It has come to a point where no one knows what is true and what is false, and there seems to always be an underlying bias in news stories that are supposed to be real.

The search engines tend to filter what people see as results, giving them biased views of the world that are seen through the lens of certain political agendas. There are some people, ideas and movements online that seem to be gaining popularity. However, one thing to keep in mind is that many of these things may not be as popular as they seem. In fact, there are plenty of things that seem popular because they are visited and commented on by bots—fake people. This gives powerful people with political agendas the chance to sway people to join bandwagons that were never really joined by that many people, to begin with.