The Future of Technology in the World

Technology is changing everyday and you will need to have the right support people to support the technology. We deal with technology in our everyday life, from the smart phones to the cars we drive. These days you will not be able to walk into a store without seeing some type of technology. As technology becomes more and more advanced you will need the right support for it. With the expanse of technology most companies out source their technology support. If you are experiencing an issue with your device and dial their 24/7 365 day support you may get a support person from a different country. You still will be able to find local support. You can always look on your smart phone and search for IT support Green Bay WI and multiple search results will point you in the correct direction.

Since most companies will try to out source their IT support department you may experience a issue with the support person. Sometimes if the support person is in a different country you may experience a language issue. If the technology is for some device in your home, the IT support person may not know the area you are from and not really understand the issue you are having. Many factors can arise with technology support. When you call IT support, hopefully the company spent their resources in staffing a good technology department.

The technology in today’s world looks so different from 10,20 or even 30 years ago. When I was attending junior high school, we didn’t have cell phones. You needed to have a pager or have a answering machine. You would have to return that person’s call at a later time. It’s not like today where everything is instant. The internet which went live on August 6, 1991 is a big reason for that. We use the internet everyday in today’s world. The internet is used at work, schools, hospitals and etc. Technology has made everything so convenient for us. We can shop and purchase items from the comfort of our homes. Online shopping is such a popular trend, that it’s putting large department stores out of business. Stores that we grew up with 10 or 20 years ago have closed down. The US statistics has shown a increase in e-commerce sales. In 2016 it was listed at 390 million and the same report shows a upward trend to 700 million by 2023. Technology is not slowing down and with new forms of technology such as AI (Artificial intelligence) and Augmented reality, technology will only be changing and getting more advanced. There is technology that can be used to for self driving cars, genetics, medicines, and basic functions in today’s society. Technology will continue to grow and get better and faster. I ask myself, what will the future look like? Will we see a future like the Science Fiction shows and movies or could technology lead to a more destructive world. Technology is not always used for good and in the wrong hands, technology can be dangerous.

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