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Why Websites Need a Sitemap

In the Internet world, the term “site map” is always heard, but people do not really understand what it really is. So the question now is “What is a sitemap?” This sitemap is a page where all the webpages of your website are listed. You definitely need this so your website will have visibility in the internet. It lets search engines find your web pages. Also, it allows visitors to be able to click the webpage links contained in that website. In short, site maps makes websites very easy to navigate.

Moving on, there’s two known kinds of sitemaps. The classification is based on its purpose. The first type of sitemap is meant for giving visitors a good website experience by allowing them to easily navigate all the website’s pages very easily. This allows you to concentrate more on the aesthetic aspect of your website’s or webpages’ layout. Having said that, this involves creating categories or sections that have the appropriate links. This type of sitemap is more visitor-centered as it allows them to easily find the content that they are actually looking for.

The second sitemap type lets all the contents or webpages of your website become visible for search engine crawlers to detect. The goal is to make sure that every single page of the website is indexed. Technically speaking this type is created with XML language. Moreover, this type of sitemap has to be situated within your web server’s root directory. Also, the contents or site maps are mentioned in files that are called as robots.txt. Simply put, this XML file tells search engine crawlers what links must be indexed.

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Therea re various reasons that make sitemaps essential to every website. This is what you need to get your website higher up the search results page. This only happens when search engines are able to index the webpages of your website. SO now you ask why is it so important for search engines to be able to crawl your website? Visitors head to search engines when finding information. So, when search engines have your information, they will include your links when they deliver search results to visitors.

Your users could use a great user experience on your website. This is most especially true to websites that have hundreds or thousands of content. A positive user experience is the key to retaining visitors and attracting new one.

And the last but not the least reason is that it organizes the content of your website. At this point, you should now know that you indeed need a sitemap for your website. Even if your website is small, you will be thankful if you have a sitemap. IF you need help is making one, learn more here.

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