Remember when a “Phone Jack” was an outlet in your wall?

It become one of those unfortunate phrases that are cropping up with the continuing evolution of the Internet and the World Wide Web, and of course, the explosion of mobile smart devices or “Cell Phones”, it is Phone Jacking. Everyone has one or soon will it seem: And why not? They are the most amazing devices thus far in all of creation! (to me anyway), and the mighty cell phone has more computing power by order of magnitude than the Apollo space capsule had when it landed on the moon. We know not the power that we wield. But the hackers do, and they’ve got their eye on your phone.

Here is another pesky new phrase: Crypto Currency. Or the contraction of the two words “Cryptocurrency”, or perhaps hyphenate it: Crypto-Currency. The thing about new words and phrases that force their way into the national lexicon is the form always changes. Despite how the descriptors change, the age-old practice of thieves stealing from their fellow man has taken yet another new and improved direction; compromising your mobile device.

In the early days there was the risk of your precious laptop becoming a “zombie” when infected with dastardly digital diseases or ‘viruses’, and your computer would start behaving in ways you didn’t want it to, often without your knowledge. The cryptocurrency fad sweeping the world has created the conditions for a nifty new method for hackers to “Mine” data from your memory banks and make your phone work for them instead of you. This is a known threat and security experts are on the job developing fabulous applications that can thwart the efforts of the pervasive hackers soiling the net.

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The top software solutions position themselves between the threat and the user and run silent and run deep with the user totally unaware that he or she is being protected; often from their own behavior. None the less, taking measures to prevent such intrusions on your business enterprise network and the mobile users who access it on a regular basis is very smart. Researching your options will reveal the best and the best always include comprehensive customer service and 24/7 support; a rule of thumb for professionals in the service and security industry.

Though some invasive hacks aren’t necessarily designed to steal your bank account or identity. They simply drain the resources of your device in lieu of their own shady purposes and reduce your productivity as a result. It’s enough to get professional cyber security involved. Stopping them before they even have a chance is, of course, the best action. Developing application software on this level is not for just anyone; meaning not everyone can do it. Vast skills and acquired knowledge and tremendous experience combined with total dedication is necessary; just as a cup of flour is necessary to bake a cake, and the top experts in cybersecurity are of a kind; unique in their talent and mindset fighting for you.