How Pressure Treated Poles Help Families in Residential Areas

Throughout residential neighborhoods and suburban communities, many builders place pressure treated utility poles on properties near houses. When compared to other wood options, pressure treated varieties provide enhanced benefits because they help homeowners avoid power outages. Pressure treated poles are also beneficial since they dramatically boost safety around risky zones on a landscape.

Less Power Outages During Severe Storms

When rainstorms flood a property, weak wooden poles that hold electrical lines can easily develop structural problems. Since the main electrical wiring is attached to the base of a pole, a line could drop after the grains that secure the supportive mounting pieces in place gradually weaken following a major rainstorm. If wind speeds increase during a rainstorm, a pole could shift with ease as the water level rises around a weak pole. Once this happens, a pole could drop on the ground, and this is why a weak pole typically causes power outages.

Treated lumber provides the best results when they’re used as supportive beams for electrical lines. Rain and wind won’t harm a treated pole because the outer layer of the wood has a durable, dense coating. This coating blocks harsh environment elements so that each wood grain won’t rot or crack following major rainstorms.

Increased Safety

Lumber that has been pressure treated keeps families safe in backyard environments. Most homeowners who need enhanced lighting in a yard usually place a light pole near a shed, which is a practical strategy since one light can brighten the surroundings dramatically. The problem is that an inefficient pole can slowly rot when flooding happens on a property that lacks proper drains. Also, as rain soaks the grains on a traditional utility pole, the outer material will develop flaws that can decrease curb appeal. Most flaws can impact a pole’s stability on a residential property; if a pole is dramatically damaged while it has stability problems, it will drop on the ground. Pressure treated poles are very reliable in a yard because the coatings boost safety by blocking environment hazards that can affect stability.

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Many suppliers offer utility poles in a variety of sizes, so the process of picking a product that suits a specific project won’t be a hassle. If you use a treated pole instead of a traditional option, you’ll experience big benefits around your entire landscape.