Planning a Fun Retirement Party for Coworkers

Nearly every working individual looks forward to the day that retirement begins. Unfortunately, this can be upsetting to the coworkers that are near and dear to those employees. In order to send the retiree off with a proper farewell, the company or office should throw a big surprise retirement party!


The Element of Surprise

Surprise parties are far better than planned parties; the unexpected guest of honor is delighted to find that the day is nothing like an ordinary day, as beloved coworkers shower him or her with love, gifts, food, and games. It lets that person know that, no matter their employment status, they have friends that care! In order for the retiree to be prepared for pictures, try telling the individual that a company photography day is scheduled; this way, he or she is comfortable for the camera.

Exciting Games & Competitions

Every retirement party should have a few fun games planned. Some of the easier, fun, and competitive games include ring toss, an official cornhole game, and charades. Games ensure that everyone is having fun and participating, rather than being left out. A little competition could really get some laughs going, too!

Perfecting the Cake

Every retirement party needs an equally special cake. If there are many coworkers with different tastes, it might be a good idea to get 2 or 3 different flavors of cake. This way, everyone can have a piece. Try topping the cake with numbers that represent the years that the employee has worked for the company. The lucky retiree can take the rest of the cake home to enjoy later, as well.

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Inviting Close Family

Any of the employee’s close family should receive an invitation to the retirement party. This might include a spouse, children, grandchildren, or siblings; whoever the person is closest too. The retirement party is a big event, and he or she would probably enjoy spending it with the people they love. Try getting family members in on the surprises, as they can recommend different decorations, themes, gifts, and more.

Story Time: Sharing Memories

Towards the end of the party, coworkers should all take a moment to share a wonderful memory or funny moment that the two have shared together. There are sure to be lots of laughs, fun memories, and heartfelt moments shared. This is a great way to wish the employee a kind farewell.

While an impending retirement is exciting and full of new adventures, it can be very bittersweet for coworkers and the employee. As an employee, large amounts of time were spent working with those people; it is only natural that they will be missed!