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Mistakes In Web Development And Design That Can Potentially Weaken Your Woven Label Custom Woven Labels

For those of you out there reading this article who have your own business online, we are sure that search engine optimization or what we refer to as SEO, is not something that should be ignored due to the huge impact its presence can create towards a website. If we are going to look deeper into the data we have gathered through our search, there is one remarkable thing about SEO that we will discover and that is how its lead has a close rate of fourteen point six percent. So now, let us ask you, “Have you already maximized the full potential of your SEO?” Another question that we want to ask you about is if you know how you can maximize the full potential of your SEO to make it to your advantage? For those of you who have no idea yet how they can maximize the full potential of their SEO, we want you to begin by knowing about the common mistakes that you should avoid at all cost. We want you to know about the mistakes not only for you to be aware of them but also, for you to know how to make them right again once you have committed these errors.

The first web design and development mistake that we want you to be aware of is the exclusion the H1 tags. When we say H1 tag or sometimes referred to as the header-level-one tag, this kind of tag is the one responsible for telling the users as well as the search engine what your website is all about. If this information will be missing from your page, no one, even your visitor or the search engine, will be able to know what your page cover is and this may result from your website to not be ranked. You have to refrain from doing this and to do so, you can actually make a sketch plan of the structure of your website or you can also write down the important facts that are essential to be included.

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If you can avoid doing this, then you have to make it a habit to stop uploading media files that are large in size as this may affect the way your visitors will view your website. Albeit the fact that photos are beautiful and videos are great addition to the website, uploading large files may take a long period to load which may result from your website to slow down. Keeping the sizes of all your media files under control is the best way you can make sure that your website will not experiencing this kind of pitfall.