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Mental Health Insurance and Parity

The future we are looking into is soon transforming and we are soon going to see a number of shifts and changes in the way mental health insurance will be treated as it is going to be treated same way as the other medical and surgical benefits. We will be seeing the Addiction Treatment benefits actually coming with the same amount in returns as we see in other medical procedures. All this is the result of the signing of the congressional economic recovery package on the 3rd of October which had the Mental Health and Addiction Parity Act as a rider on it.

This Act will see a wholesome transformation in the ways that the insurance benefits will be written for the people who are suffering from mental and addiction health problems. Since the year 1973 when the HMO’s started limiting the benefits for addicts alcoholics, the number of days that we see them allowed in rehabs has dropped to what it is today. There are some policies which will be only allowing for detox and have no provision for reimbursement for any continuing care and or aftercare.

In most cases, for those who have had to treat cases of addictions and as such have had to incur financial cost for the same, the feeling has often been that of betrayal by the insurance companies when they came to realize that the providers did not carry or provide for these. This would be of course of some rather serious financial consequences to many families as some would have to see their homes mortgaged, have the bill on their credit cards and in some cases the deserving patients would go without treatment.

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The Mental Health and Addiction Parity Act will quite impact on a number of people who are enrolled on State regulated and Employer funded insurance plans. These plans took effect in the first month of the year 2010. However we are to note that the bill is not a free pass for the rehab centers and eating disorder treatment programs to have claims on the insurance providers outrageously. The benefits will still continue to be managed and the medical necessity also still to be proved.

Reality treatment is yet the other alternative for the treatment for addictions which is working quite effectively. If you are suffering from an addiction, then there is need for you to know that you don’t need to suffer alone. Today, you can follow some links so as to get you connected to some of the best specialists to help you deal with whatever condition you could be suffering from. With the specializing professionals handling your needs, you will be quite sure that you will be assured of the right treatment plans for you to be put on the path to recovery.

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