How to Carve a Craft Nook Out of Your Studio Apartment’s Décor

When you look around your studio apartment, you probably see very little space, and definitely no room for a craft nook. However, you would be surprised by what you can do with a little innovation and imagination. Here are a few tips to carving a craft nook into the décor of your less-than-spacious studio apartment.

Invest in a Designated Secondhand Craft Desk with Lots of Drawers and Tote Space

Normally, craft desks can be quite expensive, so opt for secondhand to get the same benefits at half the costs. Craft desks, if you don’t know, are the same as office desks, but with an abundance more space underneath, and lots of drawers. And many of them are L-shaped for corners, so measure up the walls in your designated craft nook and invest accordingly.

Or, if a classic craft desk is out of the question, opt for a regular office desk and renovate to your preferences. For added pizazz, you could add wallpaper linings to the drawers, giving your desk a pop of personality and color that matches your crafty moods.

Totes are Lifesavers…or, in this case, Craft Supply Savers

Totes, or storage bins, can be sealed, stacked, and slid in any nook and crevice, making them ideal for holding all of your craft supplies. Great for supplies like papers and paints, there are dozens of tote sizes to choose from, and you can gauge what you need by the space you have under your desk. So, break out the measuring tapes again. You could even stow away some elements of a crafty job. For instance, if your line of work lies in metal fabrication services, a few totes would hold the elements of your next project.

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Create an Expression Wall to Display Your Artworks without Sacrificing Too Much Space

Sometimes you need a wall of inspiration to jog your imagination and get you in the mood to craft. If you would rather stick to a single wall for your creative flow, pick one. Then fill that wall with motivational, overlapped posters, your best artworks, and whatever else gets your imagination running on high burn. Consider this your wall of expression—so, be expressive, bold, and unique.

If arts and crafts are a huge part of your life, you should strive to incorporate those wherever you can, including your studio apartment. It might not seem like it now, but with a little organization and space-saving tricks, you can easily set up a craft corner for all of your creative urges. Don’t forget your measuring tapes.