How to Set Your Own Car Brake

Hand brake is one type of brake on the car that has a function that keeps your vehicle does not slip when will be parked. Not only that, this hand brake also works when you will stop your car in a long time from 5 minutes to several hours. This hand brake is usually in the middle between the front bench. This component is usually operated by withdrawal in order to activate this hand brake.

Because of its function, then this hand brake will be very important in a vehicle. So if the hand brake is less grip, then it would be very dangerous when you’re parking the vehicle or stop on the road that uphill or sloping.

For that hand brake adjustment is necessary if it is felt the conditions of the hand brake less so good. Usually this setting is also done when the hand brake condition is felt too high when pulling the lever. While setting the hand brake on the automatic car usually because when the brake pedal on the left leg is felt too deep.

To set the car’s hand brake, you can immediately bring to the nearest garage. But actually set the car’s hand brake you can do yourself at home with ease, well here’s how to set the car’s hand brake is good and right.

1. Prepare the Tools needed

Before starting to set up your car’s handbrake, then the first thing you need to do is prepare the necessary tools. Here are some tools that are needed, among others are:

  • Car jack, which is used to lift the car
  • Lock the wheel or can lock 21 which is used to open the wheel nut.
  • Ponytail 12 Shock
  • Anti-rust
  • Bolt 12 mm
  • Flat-head of screwdriver

2. Unpacking the Rear Wheel Drum Brakes

  • First time park your vehicle in a flat position, this is to maintain security. If necessary add a wheel holder and then pull the hand brake.
  • Loosen the nuts in the rear wheel, just enough before you lift the car.
  • The car’s wheels will not touch the ground but there is no need for too much distance between the wheels and the ground.
  • Then open the wheel nuts before they have been relaxed.
  • Then open the rear wheel.

3. How to Open Drake Brake

  • Once the wheel is open, then you can go into the cabin and free or lower the hand brake.
  • After the hand brake is lowered, then turn the brake drum. If the drum brake can be shaken and pulled easily then you can skip this step.
  • Then spray anti-rust on the gap in the wheel nut and wheel connection. This is because rust will be easily visible on the part.
  • Wait a few minutes until the rust fluid permeates between the drum brakes and the wheel gap.
  • Then insert a 12 mm bolt into a threaded hole of the same size. After that turn the bolt clockwise using the 12 key, or you can also use a combination 12 lock or a shock key until the bake drum can be pulled out.
  • Remove the brake drum and then open the 12 mm bolt earlier to be able to remove the drum brake.4. Setting the Car Hand Brake
  • After you make adjustments to the brake shoe, then do not forget to check the thickness of the brake pad. If the condition is less than 1-2 mm, it would be better if replacing the brake lining.
  • Use a minus screwdriver to rotate up on the adjusting gear.
  • It will usually be heard “click” while it is playing. Approximately 5-10 times the sound of “click”. At the time this condition is set then brake shoes can expand.
  • Put the drum brake and make sure if the drum brake can be easily entered. If not, then the brake pad is too outgoing or too much tuning. So reduce some of the rotation on the adjusting teeth by rotating from the opposite direction.
  • Then reinsert the brake drum and make sure it can spin easily. If not then it will cause the sound of “dug dug” that disturb when the car backed out.
  • Then reinstall the wheel in its correct position and tighten the nut on the wheel.
  • Then go into the car cabin and then check how many times the click “click” when you pull the handbrake lever. Usually there will be about 6-7 clicks after the brake settings.

    Well that was an explanation on how to set the hand brake the right car and you can do yourself at home. Because the function is quite important, do not forget also to take care of the car’s hand brake for good condition. Hopefully the above information can be useful for you.

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