How to Maintain the Right Car Clutch

How to Caring for Car Clutch should not be underestimated because one of the main parts of the car manual. Car clutch is one of the parts in the car which is a vital component that is highly related to the performance of your vehicle. Of course, because of its function is certainly the car clutch requires care for Performance of car still running optimally. Although one of the most vital components in the car, car care is not as difficult as you can imagine.

Especially for the new car with the distance is still below 100,000 km. The figure is a limitation on the mileage indicating that the clutch system in the car still functioning normally and optimal on the mileage.

But it does not apply if the way you drive a car is not quite right or the terrain is quite heavy. The clutch of the manual car is between the transmission and the engine and serves to disconnect and connect the power that the vehicle engine to the wheels pass through the transmission. There are several types of clutches used in the vehicle, including clutch coupling, fluid coupling, and magnetic coupling.

Coupling in a vehicle of course requires a requirement for maximum performance, among others:

  • When connecting with the transmission system must be able to move the power without slip.
  • The clutch of the car must connect the transmission with the vehicle engine gently.
  • The clutch must be able to quickly free the connection of the transmission system perfectly without error.

Clutch work system is divided into several components, each of which has the function to support each other to work the clutch car to the maximum to continue the engine of the car to the drive system. In a set of clutches of cars there are clutch plates, cover clutch (sun), neck clutch (release bearing), and flywheel or fly wheel. Then how the principle of the clutch car work? At the time the clutch pedal is pressed, then the relationship between the engines with the transmission system becomes disconnected because the fly wheel and clutch plates do not touch each other.

This is what causes the power generated by a vehicle engine cannot be passed to the driving component. At the time the clutch pedal is removed, then the engine rotation will return to the transmission system.

But the same thing with other car components, the car clutch must also be experiencing certain problems caused by the usage or age of the clutch that has been long. Well here are the problems that often occur in the car clutch.

First problem

What often happens to the clutch of vehicles is clutch skid. The consequences that can be generated from a slip clutch is to cause the vehicle can be less powerful, cannot run with the maximum, and the vehicle engine is very wasteful of fuel. This is because the engine power cannot be channeled into the transmission system is perfect because the clutch plate is in a state of wear.

Second problem

Clutch that broken-down. The resulting consequences of the broken-down clutch can cause the transmission lever to be unavailable. This is because the clutch plate cannot be separated with the engine because the power is channeled from the pedal is not able to continue on the clutch system. Such circumstances can be due to broken clutch cables, clutch cylinders that leak, and others that can make the power pedal cannot be forwarded to the clutch system.

Third Problem

Is a clutch sticky car. This situation may result in the transmission lever being immovable because it is not separate from the clutch plate and the engine causing the clutch plate to become sticky. What can cause the clutch plate to become sticky is due to water or mud that goes into the clutch system.

Surely you do not want to experience the things that have been described above is not it? To avoid it of course you need to take care of the clutch properly and correctly. Well here are some ways to take care of the clutch is good and right.

Try to routinely check on the clutch system if there is leakage in the clutch oil, especially at the bottom of the clutch. This section is usually often a leak when you step on the clutch pedal is too heavy.
Do also check on the clutch pedal settings whether it is fitting and precise or not, especially on cars that use a clutch rope system.
Also check the pressure setting section of the clutch. Usually a clutch that is in a difficult condition will become heavier when pressed.
If there is a leak in the oil transmission and engine connection, you should reinstall the rear crankshaft seal as soon as possible. If this continues to be left then it will cause skid on the car clutch.
In addition, perform regular inspection of the clutch pedal when you perform a car service regularly. Pressure clutch pedal that turns into heavy course will be very disturbing to you in driving the car, even your feet will feel sore because of heavy car coupling.

But actually to prevent damage to the clutch car, not only done by taking care of the clutch system regularly and correctly. You also need to know some of the treatments that can make the car clutch problematic and how to use the car clutch properly.

Incorrect use of clutch

Here are some incorrect coupling uses that may cause the clutch to be damaged, including:

  • Put your feet on the clutch pedal as long as the vehicle is running. This can cause the condition of the car clutch to quickly worn out, especially in the release bearing and clutch plates.
  • Step on and off the clutch car roughly. Rough treatment can cause a touch of clutch plate to flywheel or flywheel will feel harder. This can accelerate wear on your car’s clutch system especially on the torsion damper part of the clutch plate.
  • The treatment that should be avoided next is to hold the half-clutch while lining up on a hill. This will cause the clutch system and plate to quickly break down and even burn. The car engine will shake to vibrate so that it can make the engine rubber work becomes disrupted. In addition, this treatment will also accelerate the life of the clutch as it will experience continuous depletion. Clutch cover parts and fly wheel surfaces will be easily eroded.

Correct Use of Clutch

Here’s how to use the clutch properly so that the clutch can work optimally and not easily experience various damage.

  • Always use the first gear to start the vehicle, if you use the gear above it then the clutch of your car will work in excess so it can make it quickly wear out.
  • By the time you step on the clutch pedal of your car, press the clutch pedal completely. This aims to make the wheel or wheel fly and clutch plates can be separated perfectly. So it will greatly facilitate you in moving the transmission lever.
  • By the time you step on the clutch pedal perfectly, then move the transmission lever.
  • Once you’ve installed the transmission lever, you can free the clutch on the clutch but do it slowly adjusted to the gas pedal so that the vehicle you drive can run smoothly and not make your car jump.
  • Do not put your feet on the clutch pedal continuously while the vehicle is driving. This can make the car clutch quickly wear out and on the clutch cover and release bearing will quickly break down.
  • At the time the vehicle is driving slowly on the road incline, you should use the hand or hand brake to maintain the position of your vehicle.
  • Neutralize your car’s transmission lever when the car is stopped. For example, on a red light.

Here are some ways to take care of the car clutch easily and you can do since the first time you buy a car so that if there is a problem is not too fatal and easy to fix.

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