Good tire criteria in general

One of the most important parts in a car is a tire. Tires are part of the control system, acceleration, and as the pedestal of vehicle grip on the road during braking.

Therefore, car tires you need to pay attention to well. Do not just look interior and exterior course you notice. But what kind of car tire criteria is good? Let’s discuss it!

Type and size

Many products and brands of tires that offer promo-promo interesting to make buyers lulled with prices and forget the quality. This is risky because you forget to pay attention to the function and criteria of the tires in accordance with the safety and comfort of your car.

The type and size of the recommended tires for cars is generally listed on the plaque on the door, the dashboard drawer, behind the fuel tank lid, or on the car manual.

For example, for example your car tire is coded 205 / 65R15 95H. The number 205 shows the nominal width of the tire section in millimeters. Figure 65 shows the aspect ratio between the height of the tire and the width of the tire section – 65% of the width.

In addition, the letter R indicates the construction of a tire with a radial layer. The number 15 indicates the nominal diameter of wheel use (15 inches). Code 95H is a symbol indicating the maximum capacity of load and tire speed that can be safely operated.

The code shows the maximum load borne at 690 kg per tire, and H represents a maximum speed of 210 km/h. In addition there are codes LT (Light Truck), ST (Special Trailer), and T (Temporary) which means spare tire.

Make no mistake to choose a size that does not fit the rim. Besides cannot be fitted properly, it can also interfere with your safety and comfort while driving!

Tire width

It also needs to be noticed by you lovers of car modifications, lest you buy a tire that does not fit your car.

Important to note is the width of the tire, the more the width of the tire the stronger the grip. But it does not mean you have to install a tire width have a monster truck huh!

Vice versa, the smaller the width of the tire, the smaller the grip.

Remember, the main function of tires is for safety and comfort you drive not just for display only.

Do not let you stray into the abyss because of lack of clutch!

Pattern tread

In addition to the width, the tread pattern also affects the grip and acceleration. Normal flow generally has a good level of comfort.

However, if you often drive in wet areas that have high rainfall, it is advisable to choose a V groove. The tire with this tread is able to provide better traction when crossing the puddle.

Depending on the type of road that you often travel, away, and road conditions, the same car can demand different tires.

Tire profile

Tires with thin profiles, such as 40 or 50 do look cool when used. However, there is also a bad side you know. Tire with a thin profile is very risky when used to traverse a bad road, because the wheels will quickly break down.

Therefore, automobile manufacturers generally install tires with thick profiles. The larger the size of the car or the more passengers, it is recommended to provide a thicker profile to reduce the risk of damage.

Therefore, avoid tires with a thin profile. Do not you have to change new paint every time you meet the police sleeping!

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