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The Cause of Dead Front Car Lights is often because of a very trivial thing. Car headlights are an important part of your vehicle. With the car lights, you can easily and safely while driving a car at night. Headlamps or head lamp lamps (head lamps) typically use standard lamp sizes around 55-60 watts.

But if your car lights are equipped with relays then usually use lights powerless 90-100 watts. If your vehicle still uses a standard lamp will want a lighter powered lights flame, then you must cable relay to maintain the security of your car.

So what if your car’s headlights are like dead or red? Surely it can be risky to large. You can be picked up by the police or even at risk of a fatal accident because you cannot see objects that are in front clearly. A variety of problems that often occur on the headlights of the car is.

  • The lights do not turn on either, either the right or left lights are all dead total.
  • The lights just turn on the side only, the right or left only.
  • Only short-range lights are on.
  • Only long-distance lights are on.In order for us to know the cause of damage to the headlights of the car, you can test it by using a test pen. It could be damaged comes from a light bulb, broken fuse, cable problematic and many others. The following will be explained more about the causes of car headlights can be dead.

    1. Fuse Disconnect

The most common cause of the Dead Car Dead Light is due to this. The honorable headlights of the car can die is a fuse that breaks. These fuses are usually located at the bottom or near the steering wheel. Form a fuse like a tooth or two fingers. You can search for a fuse that serves as a fuse of your car’s headlights.

Once checked and guaranteed the condition is broken, you can fix it by wrapping two pieces of metal fiber from the cable to the second terminal. And then reinstall this fuse appropriately.

You can register the fuse of the car with a new fuse, finger nicknames you can also do yourself at home if you have his tools. If you want to use a simple way then you can use the service shop. Because it is clear and certain that the workshop has all the tools that are needed by the car. Replacement of the fuse also does not need to be expensive.

2. Problem on Lamp Bulb

Sometimes your car’s headlights do not die totally, only on one part only. For the cause, this is not the result of a fuse from the lamp. Motor that has been burned and need to be replaced.

For flash light bulb, please return the flash. If the light bulb filament condition is damaged and there is a change of color on the glass then you should immediately fall on your car light bulb.

If you use a light bulb made from mica, then it cannot last long because it will be more opaque when it is long used. This matter is raw material (mica) not resistant to hot temperature condition. So the risk of breaking and cracking is likely to occur. For a temporary fix, you can open the lamp and then clean it by using a clean loop.

3. The Wrong Way of Installation

Incorrect lighting installation can also cause the car headlights to break down quickly. When installing a car light bulb, you do not accidentally hold the tube directly. This will result in dirt, grease, and other on the hands attached to the tube. So when the light is on, the dirt and fat will make the gas in the lamp tube concentrated in one part only. So that the heat that is on the surface of the tube is not spread evenly.

This if left continuously it will make the tube becomes broken and the lamp life is not durable. For that, it is advisable to ensure the cleanliness of your car’s light tube so as not to have dirt, dust, and oil stuck there.

Although initially only make the light becomes dim and not focused, but if left continuously will make the lamp will break. Even if there is moisture or moisture in the car’s light bulb at the time the car’s bulb breaks then the moisture or vapor will lead to cables that can make a short circuit when the current is flowing.

4. Cable or Relay Condition

Other causes of car headlights can die is on the cable or relay. To check it, make sure the contact condition is on and the battery is on. Then notice whether the condition of the cable causing the car headlights can die. If not, then the problem might come from the relay (the link between the lamp cord and the power source).

To fix this, you can use unused whole cables. Unplug the relay and then use the cable to connect directly between the power source and the lamp. But remember, this condition is only for emergencies only. Immediately fix your lights in the nearest workshops.

Car lamps are an important part when you drive a car. So you need to pay attention to his condition to always be good when you will use to travel, especially at night. It would be better if you immediately take your car to the nearest authorized workshops so that damage does not continue to other parts.

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