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How to Determine Best Method to Track Mileage and Expenses

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If you are an employee, self-employed or taxpayer, you may qualify to deduct the cost of operating your vehicle for business, charitable, medical, or moving purposes according to the IRS. Additionally, keeping track of miles that fall under any of the previously mentioned categories is vital in order to request a reimbursement on expenses incurred for mileage driven or to deduct when tax season comes around. That may sound like a daunting task if keeping track of expenses and mileage incurred is part of your job, business etc.., especially if done with pen and paper through a mile log. That could be achieved by keeping a notebook, or printed template from a website kept in a binder or folder of like and function very manually some steps to consider:

Record starting mileage at the original destination
Ending mileage at the travel destination
Addresses of locations you were traveling to and from
Purpose of trip

While this is very do-able and if desired the required supplies and actions at essentially at your fingerprints, good rule of thumb before using any approach is to weigh in the Pros and Cons to determine if this would be the best fit for you. Remember when driving for business or whatever purpose you might encounter, reality is most of time you don’t plan for restroom breaks, meals or anything in between that may happen during the duration of the trip. This can quickly become a tedious task since in order to keep log as accurate as possible will have to update it every time, even those in between quick pit stops (restroom break, lunch, etc..).

Easy to start
Minimal supplies required
No additional skills required

Accuracy depends on consistency of user
Can be tedious
Rely on Honest system (with employee users)
Lacks Real time support to direct reports (employee users)
Manual Calculations
Time consuming, will take time away from productive activities

If paper and pen, recording every stop, calculating your own miles and trading productivity for busy, time consuming work sounds like something you can handle by all means please go ahead all the resources are probably sitting right in your desk this very second. Truth is though, we do live in a digital world where access to the internet is at our fingertips (literally), therefore leaving methods like this one very outdated. If you are firm believer of “if it’s not broke don’t fix it” then you should probably quit using the internet as well, because that was not the method information was traded before “it” too came along.

Pricing – most platforms offer a basic free option that can be upgraded to unlock more features and benefits
Accessibility – since platform is built on app, it can be accessed at the convenience of your smartphone
Save Time – Easy to use, most apps simply are left to run in the background of your smartphone so you can spend time productive important matters
Hard to Misplace – You won’t have to worry about losing it and having to recreate it, most apps are backed into the cloud leaving your information stored at all times even if you lose your phone
Track Expenses – Some apps offer the function to link you bank account or upload receipts to automate your expenditures

App user friendly skills – Simple app using skills required
Required tools needed for method does require smartphone – not everyone might have smartphone
Rely on GPS – means no internet = no tracking

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Some Things to Consider When Planning an Event

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There are many things to consider when planning an event. There will be event managers that need to be appointed. Event management is not an easy task. However, with the correct tools and training anyone can pull off an event. Each event should have a specific task and goals that are to be achieved for the event.

To create, plan, and execute an event is a large task. There are many things to consider. You will want to keep track of the event all in one place. The place might be an online software program. These are nice to have when planning an event. The planning of an event will not be the biggest challenge you will face.

When, you plan an event you will want to designate others to assist you. If, you are going to have entertainment or a speaker at the event you will want to designate one person to be in charge of securing the entertainment or speaker. Also, you will want to designate the leader in charge of securing the entertainment or speaker to create a team.

Having a team to assist the leader in charge of securing the entertainment or speaker will be helpful. This is because there are several tasks involved with securing entertainment or a speaker. These tasks can be divided between team members. This way not one person is overwhelmed with any one task.

This delegating a team and a team leader is not only for securing the entertainment or speaker. This is a good rule of thumb for any and all areas of the event planning. There should be teams to delegate different areas of the event. These teams should all have a team leader.

Dividing the tasks of an event into smaller tasks will make the event planning run smoother. There are software programs that will assist anyone in event planning. You need to keep track of the event planning somewhere. Each team leader should be designated a task. The team leader should be charged with keeping track of the team and recording all information and progress the team is making.

Team leaders should need to report to the event creator on a regular basis. The event should have a name. There will need to be publicity. Each event is different. Despite having the best keynote speaker or most popular band for entertainment if you cannot get people to attend the event it will not be a success.

There are programs and online sites such as to assist you in event planning. These software programs and online sites assist in all aspects of event planning. They will assist the event coordinator in keeping track of the progress of the event and in configuring whether the event was a success.

Regardless of the event you are planning, having a good plan of action to tackle the tasks is a good idea. It makes excellent sense to divide the tasks up into teams. Do not forget to put the strongest person on each team to be the team leader.

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Ways Medical Inventory Management is Making Doctors’ Lives Easier

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In the recent past, the hospital admission has recorded an increase in the better part of the globe. This rise can be attributed to many factors. This entails the increase in the life expectancy across the world, the aging population mainly from the developed nations, and the improved health care access for all.

The Need for Medical Inventory Management

Following this growth, many health sectors are facing constant challenges as they try to keep up with the growing demand for their services and the increasing cost of their operation, that rise every year. When such snags are coupled with absence of proper process, it implies that it can be overwhelming for medical facilities to adhere to regulations, improve incomes on their investments or even optimizing their workflow effectively you can visit to learn more.

To handle such issues, hospitals can utilize the medical inventory management software for the general efficiency. Such a move has significant influence on the overall medical team right from the doctors, administrative bodies, custodian staffs and the patients. According to a proxy, study one in two physicals reports of burnouts at least twice in a week. The problem with this is that it can result in fatal medical errors or provision of poor quality services. Fortunately, with the medical management software, most of these challenges can be addressed efficiently. As such, here is an outline of the impact of the medical inventory management on the operations of the medical experts.

Eliminate Expired Medicines or Injectable

It is common for many medical facilities to house their pharmacies within their structures for efficient patient care. Most of these medical stocks have a limited shelf span, after which they have to be disposed appropriately. However, if you do not have an established tracking system to figure out medication issues, this can be an origin of bad practices. Because you might find out that, some expired medicines can still find their ways to the patient. Although this is a worrying statistic, the good thing is that it can be avoided. With the medical inventory management software, the staff can keep track of the inventory right from the acquisition to consumption. This way, they can send alerts in real-time when a product is on the verge of expiring.

Bolster Security through Inventory Check-ins

Hospitals are among the most complex institutions as they handle all sorts of clients. For this reason, hospitals are flooded with different equipment with specific functions and storage instructions. Without a reliable system to organize such items, some tools can be misplaced, broken or get lost easily. However, with the standardized medical inventory software, the staff can track the ownership and allocation of all items and assets through a centralized database.

Equipment Reliability

Any medical equipment needs to be always up and running. While some measures have to be put in place to address the emergency issues like power outbreak, it is vital that occasional maintenance is not overlooked either. With a reliable software solution, you can be able to schedule for a repair session that has the least disruption to the daily undertakings in the hospital.

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Three Amazing Lead Generation Tips for Your Business in 2018

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No matter what kind of business you’re running, online or off, lead generation is important. If you don’t have a way of getting customers and/or clients, you don’t have a way of making money, bottom line. However, one thing that business owners tend to forget is that it isn’t just the quantity of leads that’s important, it’s also the quality. Let’s take a quick look at three tips that will make generating leads, and increasing your profits, easier in 2018.

How to Get Warm Leads

Let’s face it, all leads start out cold to some degree or another when they first encounter your sales funnel. However, there are ways to make it so that the very first step in your sales funnel warms up your leads, making it easier to convert them into clients/customers. This of course also cuts down on your cost of acquisition, helping to increase your profit margins.

The simplest way to implement this is to do demographics research, and make sure that your advertising efforts are only targeting individuals, businesses, etc. that would have an interest in your products and/or services. For example, if you’re selling prosthetic limbs make sure that your marketing is designed to specifically target amputees instead of going for a mass marketing approach and just hoping that amputees happen to come across your ads.

Tell Your Prospects What They Must Do Next

Before a lead becomes a lead, they’re a prospect. Unfortunately, many ads and marketing methods fail right from the start because they don’t clearly communicate what the prospect must do next in order to move further down the sales funnel and become a lead. This can cripple your entire sales funnel.

For example, instead of just using a generic click here CTA in an online ad, tell your prospect what they get for clicking the link, and make it worth their while. A good call to action will tell your prospect specifically what they must do next, and what they get for doing so. The less confusion and ambiguity there is, the less prospects will fall off the wagon before becoming leads that you can convert into sales.

Follow Up With Your Prospects

One big mistake that many businesses make with lead generation is adopting a sort of “one and done” mindset. In other words, they will try once to turn a prospect into a lead, and if it doesn’t work, give up on that prospect and move on. The good news is that there is a way to overcome this short sighted approach.

The most basic way to make the most of your lead generation efforts is to get the contact info of your prospects whether they actually turn into leads or not. This will give you the opportunity to follow up with them and convert a certain percentage into valuable leads. In fact, if you’re not following this strategy, you are leaving a significant percentage of leads the table and denying your business an easy source of additional revenue.

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Finding the Right Parts for Commercial Washers and Dryers

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Do you own a laundromat? If this is the case, it would be in your best interests to make sure that all of your commercial washers and dryers are always working properly. Otherwise, your customers will not be able to do their laundry and you will lose money because they will go somewhere else. Your livelihood depends on all of your machines being operational. However, even washers and dryers that are very well maintained will have mechanical problems occasionally. It is unavoidable. When this happens, you need to be able to find the exact replacement parts that you need to make the necessary repairs. Here are some tips that will help you to locate the correct parts for affordable prices.

1. The Better Business Bureau can be a big help finding reputable laundry parts dealers.

There are many stores and websites that sell commercial washer and dryer parts. However, determining which ones are truly the best is not an easy thing to do. This is where the BBB comes in. They are a truly invaluable resource because they do all the work for you. They investigate all of the laundry part dealers and create detailed profiles of each one. You can simply read all of the info provided on the BBB site. This will give you a very clear picture of each company and their business practices. Always use the BBB as a starting point when you need to find a dealer that sells Dexter laundry parts.

2. Look for a dealer that sells parts made by a wide range of manufacturers.

You should never do your shopping at a store or website that does not have a big selection of laundry parts for you to choose from. Ideally, you should only buy your washer and dryer parts from a dealer that has all of the most popular brands represented in their inventory.

3. All of the laundry parts you buy should have a warranty.

Commercial washers and dryers are subjected to a lot of wear and tear. This is why having a warranty on your parts is so important.…

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Useful Ways to Use Mass Texting for Churches

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Staying in contact can be quite a costly service for an organization. When it comes to churches and other religious organizations, they often suffer the most when it comes to funds and resources available. In turn, mass texting can be an excellent and affordable way to keep its members throughout many different realms of a religious organization. From Bible study to the choir, mass texting can keep everyone in the know.


Some members might not have the time to contribute to events like bake sales or a car wash. Text messaging provides a fast, easy, and convenient way to contribute to the congregation on their own time within their own schedule.


Youth Groups

Youth groups will probably benefit the most from mass texting due to the age group involved. They can use the medium to communicate with parents and inform those in the group about important information like meeting times and upcoming events.

A Sense of Closeness

Despite how large a religious organization might be, a mass texting service can help the community feel more tight-knit. There is a medium for instant and direct communication for all of the different parts of the organization. Mass texting brings the matters of the church into members’ everyday lives, not just on Sunday.

Virtual Word of Mouth

Some people don’t have the time to rely on Sunday morning announcements to get information on all of the church activities. With church texting service, everything can get all the information needed for each church event. Since nobody’s left out of the loop, this will inevitably raise attendance rates for the church’s events.


Just as with any other institution, feedback is an integral part of keeping the organization afloat. It reminds the leaders what they’re doing right, and influences what changes they could make in the future. Comment cards could be a useful solution, but mass texting can get an instant response. The church can even personalize the feedback for whatever event or purpose the institution needs at that time.

Quick Communication

When it comes to important information about cancellations and changes, mass texting is the quickest way to get the info out to the church’s members. Even short-notice cancellations can be handled as quickly as possible. Also, when streamlined to certain groups (staff, fundraising groups, etc.) the information can be even more personalized.

Email Extension

A quick text message is a great way to direct members to an email with even more information. It can highlight instances of a newsletter, inform a member of the websites changes, and provide other important information.

There are many ways that churches and organizations can utilize mass texting. It provides a quick and direct medium to keep its members informed and satisfied. It can be used to provide inspirational messages throughout the day or inform its members of a service cancellation due to weather. The possibilities are certainly endless. Throughout all of the incredible things that a church does for its community, a mass texting service is a great way to keep it all intact throughout its members. Also visit our website to learn more on business text messaging for different industries and business owners.…

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Protective Layers for Strength and Visual Appeal

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When metal products come off the production line, they may have a certain amount of strength and durability because of how they are designed and manufactured. However, in their purest forms, they could still be vulnerable to damages because their outer layers lack the protective coating needed to withstand a host of elements.

A final protective layer can also add a level of visual appeal that could help the products last longer. You can learn about sprays, polish, and a nylon coating for metal by visiting the provider’s website today.


One of the primary reasons you may want to add a final protective layer to your product line is to ensure its durability and strength. Without this coating, the products could easily dent or cave in with just the slightest bit of use. Your customers will then be unhappy with your company and demand refunds en masse.

With the protective layer added to the metal products, you ensure that they can last for as long as possible and give your customers the return on their investments. The products can be used in vehicles, production, and for other purposes for years at a time without cracking, warping, tearing, or otherwise breaking.

Visual Appeal

Metal products straight off the production line are not that visually appealing at which to look. They actually might look quite boring and unassuming. They certainly do not look like they are showroom ready or something that you can be put up for sale in a store.

The metal coating services available through the website can add the visual appeal you want for your product line. It can add polish, shine, and color that will catch the eye of the customers and make the products sell faster and better.

The final layer of protection to your metal products can be its most important element. It also can add visual appeal that makes your products more lucrative and fun to buy. You can invest in these services and find out how much they might cost you to invest in by visiting the company’s website first.…