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Casting Industry and Its Development

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The industry of casting has been part of the manufacturing world for many decades. Some companies, like Curto-Ligonier Foundries, have been doing this type of work since the 1940s. Using light yet durable materials like aluminum or magnesium, these companies have produced finely produced parts for a number of industries. With today’s technology, many dies can be cast using the same pattern molds while sand is used in the process to provide smooth finishes. While aluminum has been used in a majority of these casting processes, magnesium continues to be a suitable replacement.

The eighth most abundant element in the Earth’s crust, magnesium is the lightest structural material. Yes, even lighter than aluminum. Magnesium has a number of advantage for its use. For instance, it has a high strength to weight ratio and high impact resistance. It can be cast to meet the desired shape for the part and has above average dimensional stability. In abundant supply, magnesium is 100% recyclable.

Why industries choose casting in magnesium over aluminum depends on what is being made. Because it’s 75% lighter than steel, many auto manufacturers now use magnesium casting for parts like power-train components. As long as they are pre-treated, magnesium parts can be painted just like its steel or aluminum cousins. The advantage is the magnesium-casted part will last longer.

If you’re in an industry which requires the casting of parts you need to look at what companies do so in magnesium. One thing to look at is if the company has its own pattern-making facilities, especially if you’re starting out. If they have their own facilities, you need to determine the skill sets of the engineers who help design the casts for the parts. You also want to look at the turnaround rate of design and creation and if they can do the casts in both magnesium and aluminum to make a determination as to which is best. Of course, you want the company to be wary of your design concepts and work with you to get the design right the first time.

So, do your research for companies which have the best technology to create magnesium-casted parts while keeping the cost down to the customer.…

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How Can I Use Technology To Optimize My Company’s Conversion Rates?

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At some point, many business owners start thinking critically about which steps they can take to optimize their company’s conversion rates. If you’re in this place right now, know that using some or all of the following suggestions can help you experience a substantive increase in sales:


1. Start Advertising Online.

One of the most advantageous technological advancements available to business owners is advertising online. This technique is important and helpful because it ensures that you’ll be able to share your product or service line with individuals who haven’t come across the brand in offline spaces. Also note that online advertising can play a role in extending your sphere of influence to the point where you obtain a global audience. This process can transpire in the event that your brand goes viral, meaning that millions and millions of people are exposed to one of your videos or blog posts in a matter of hours. There are multiple online advertising techniques that digital marketing experts can deploy to help you generate these types of conversion-optimizing outcomes. Some of them include:

• email marketing
• online reputation management
• content marketing
• social media optimization
• responsive web design
• web design and development
• search engine optimization

2. Obtain Great Public Relations (PR) Services.

In addition to advertising online, make sure that you find a great PR company. This company will play an integral role in positively impacting your conversion rates. Specifically, PR companies are known for ensuring that the business owner’s brand is constantly in the public eye. PR representatives can also employ strategies which ensure that your brand image is as positive and relevant as possible. Some of the services that PR representatives might utilize to make this happen include:

• Product Placement
• Media Outreach
• Pitch Creation
• Media Relations
• Press Collateral
• Speaking Engagements
• Partnership Opportunities
• Media Training
• Editorial Placement
• Digital Placements
• Print Placements

3. Update Your Company’s Broadband Equipment Technology.

One final strategy that you can implement to optimize your company’s conversion rates is updating the organization’s broadband equipment. This strategy is effective because using the latest and greatest broadband equipment ensures that you and your employees don’t experience unwanted setbacks and complications which compromise your ability to use the internet. In the event that your company is in need of new rf power dividers, know that you can obtain them from organizations such as Werlatone.


Three conversion optimization techniques that can help your organization remain on the road to enhanced profitability are outlined above. Start integrating these techniques into your company’s business plan now so you can keep the organization moving forward.…

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Two Technological Strategies That Can Metabolize Business Expansion

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Corporate leaders and entrepreneurs who are interested in ensuring that their businesses remain in a state of expansion (Business Expansion). They should know that they can use technological strategies to make it happen. Below you’ll find two of many tech-based tips you can start using immediately for the purpose of facilitating substantive, ongoing company growth:

Business Expansion

1. Purchase Checklist Software.

One technological strategy that can metabolize substantive business expansion this year is purchasing checklist software. While this software is beneficial for many reasons. One of which is that it empowers business owners and their employees to create virtual lists detailing. All of the actions or tasks that must be completed that day. Or by the end of the week to keep the company growing.

Note that checklist software is not the only type of software product that can expedite and optimize your business’s productivity and ability to expand. Another software product you can utilize for this purpose is accounting software. In addition, some of the benefits that you can obtain with the use of accounting software include:

• Cost savings
• Simplification
• Accurate forecasting
• Full financial transparency
• Tax compliance
• Productivity
• Improved relationships with customers
• Security

Once you’ve tapped into the power of using accounting software, it’s time to access the world of customer relationship management (CRM) software. This software is important. Because it will empower your sales and marketing staff to store detailed records of client purchases. Then dialogues in one central location that the entire team can access and refer to before speaking with consumers or attempting to market new products or services to them.

2. Utilize Digital Advertising Services.

One final tech-based strategy you can utilize to push your organization forward this year is the implementation of digital advertising services. These services facilitate business growth by expanding your dimension of influence from the offline to the online realm. In so doing, you’ll likely be able to convert individuals who had not heard of your business through offline forms of advertising such as brochures, television ads, and radio commercials. Some of the digital strategies that a marketing firm might use to build your brand online include content marketing, responsive web design, search engine optimization, and social media optimization. Also note that companies such as Ultravision International are pleased to provide clients with digital billboards, a modular display system, and numerous other services that will make the business owner’s brand more visible in a dynamic way that promotes conversion.

Conclusion of Business Expansion

If you’re ready to make waves that engender substantive business expansion, know that you can use technology as the vehicle through which you realize the objective. Start using one or both of the tech-based solutions offered above. So you can keep your organization on track to perpetual growth this year!…

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How New Technology are Transforming Old Industry

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It is remarkable how quickly new technology can overtake old products in highly competitive industries. Even in industries where products have been made in a certain way for decades. New technology can change everything radically until it is almost unrecognizable. With that in mind are some of the many ways in which new technologies overtake the old and change the whole industry.


More Reliable Machinery Technology

The factory can now operate faster than ever. It’s all thanks to advances in various methods of machine maintenance, including vacuum processing. While automation is one of the major media focuses on the evolution of the factory. It should also be how fast the treatment method. This means that the company can develop new products quickly. Without the need to invest money for continuous improvement. If you run a business that works in the manufacturing industry, you should see if any new tools you bring to your own production process. You may be surprised by the results once you commit to the change.

3D Printing and Visualizing

While 3D printing has certainly grown in popularity over the past few years. It’s still interesting to see how it works in different industries. Regardless of whether it is toy makers, hospitals, or charitable organizations.

Of course, it’s also worth seeing in the different forms of 3D manipulation. More specifically, the virtual world has quickly become another popular tool for businesses worldwide. For example, architects are beginning to adopt virtual reality technology for their building designs. By letting clients “walk” through their designs before completion, architects can create better dialogue between them and their clients, as well as ensure that the final design is satisfactory.

While there is certainly still a way to find a business that everyone wants to use virtual reality in their daily lives, it is interesting to see the impact of this new technology.

As these technologies evolve, it will be interesting to see what the final result will be, and how it will impact not just our work, but our lives as well.…

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Industrial Oil Usability in Various Conditions

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Industrial oils are used in a variety of conditions, including low or high-temperatures, wear-reduction or pressure protection on metal services, marine environments or outdoor applications, possible or incidental contact with edible substances, corrosion-resistant additives, and environment concerns requiring low-toxicity industrial lubrication. These oils are typically offered in a wide array of viscosities to handle any type of application. Industrial oils are used in a variety of conditions, including low or high-temperatures, wear-reduction or pressure protection on metal services, marine environments or outdoor applications, possible or incidental contact with edible substances, corrosion-resistant additives, and environment concerns requiring low-toxicity industrial lubrication. These oils are typically offered in a wide array of viscosities to handle any type of application.

What is Viscosity?

Viscosity is the measurement of a fluid’s internal resistance to flow. However, temperature, pressure and speed place additional demands of lubricants.

Many lubricant marketers address the matter of viscosity breakdown. Although the ads make it appear that viscosity is difficult to understand chemical property of a fluid, it involves physical property measurement. For instance, one ad compares two oils: one easily flows from the bottle while the other does not:

• Resistance to flow (viscosity) increases when the temperature decreases.

• The ad shows the importance of considering viscosity in selecting the best lubricant for an application.

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) frequently direct the user to a specific lubricant for use on their equipment. Lubricant marketers typically offer lubricants by viscosity grades, e.g. AGMA 3 or ISO 46. For most lubricant industry manufacturers, the viscosity is considered the most fundamental factor in proper lubrication.

Importance of Viscosity

The viscosity of fluid impacts the thickness of a fluid film in specific temperature conditions and load in various lubrication applications. It also affects the generation of heat as well as removal of gears, bearings, and cylinders.

In addition, viscosity is the key determinant is the ease with which a machine may be started in a low-temperature environment or maintained in higher temperature conditions. It is also essential to controlling the sealing ability of a fluid. Effective sealing ability equals lower consumption of the fluid.
Consistency and Viscosity Grades

Most users equate consistent grade to viscosity grade:

• “Grease consistently” is determined by a cone penetration test.• The National Lubricating Great Institute created grade ranges commonly in use by industry.• The ranges consider grease flow properties.

Several elements must be known before recommending a lubricant for a specific application, including:

• Operating temperature: In most cases, as temperature rises, viscosity declines; as temperature declines, viscosity increases. The fluid’s viscosity should be high enough to offer a sufficient lubricating film. If the viscosity is too high, friction in the film may be excessive. The user should consider at what temperature a certain piece of equipment is started or operated.

• Speed(s) at which a specific part is or should move: In equipment operated at high speeds, it’s important to realize that higher viscosity lubricants won’t flow as well in contact zones. Conversely, a lower-viscosity lubricant won’t properly lubricate a slow-moving piece of equipment.

• Load placed upon a specific part: Lubricant film is compressed under heavy loads. Higher viscosity lubricants are needed. Higher viscosity fluids typically offer greater strength. The user must consider whether the equipment will be operated in a shock or continuous load: 1) A shock load is a non-steady or “pounding” load, and 2) a continuous load is steady and to be maintained when operating the equipment. Low viscosity fluids won’t provide sufficient film strength to remain in place in a shock load. High viscosity lubricants cushion and remain in place in the contact area.…

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Tech Optimization 101: Building Your Business With Technological Products And Services

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If business optimization is one of your objectives for 2017, you should start thinking about what types of tech based techniques you could use to build the company. Read on to learn about some of the tech optimization techniques you could deploy to realize your goal of substantive company growth:

1. Develop An Ecommerce Plan.

One tech optimization strategy that you should definitely use to build your company is the development of an ecommerce plan. This approach is empowering because it will enable you to optimize sales in the online realm while simultaneously providing you with a medium through which to offer clients constant updates. In general, the best way to make your ecommerce efforts successful is by maintaining a customized, organic approach. In terms of customizing your digital marketing efforts, you’ll want to use strategies like target audience research to ensure that you maintain a clear, thorough understanding of who your audience is. With respect to maintaining an organic approach, you’ll want to regularly update and optimize your ecommerce plan to ensure that your advertising approach is relevant to contemporary audiences.

2. Start Using High Quality Software.

In addition to developing a substantive ecommerce plan, make sure that you start using high quality software. This software will empower you and the staff to get more done in less time, thereby enabling everyone to focus in on other tasks that will generate capital. One type of software you might want to consider utilizing is accounting software. Accounting products can help you automate processes such as payroll.

3. Find A Top Notch Fuel Systems Testing Company.

Another tech-based strategy you can use to optimize business growth is finding the right company to complete your fuel systems testing. When you start the search for the ideal gas station testing CA company, consider the representatives of FASTECH’s Compliance Testing. Before you hire any company, make sure that you do research to ensure that the business in question has extensive industry experience, a passion for customer care, and a proven track record of generating incredible results.


Three tech-based solutions that can generate growth for your company include developing an ecommerce plan, using high quality software, and finding a top notch fuel systems testing company. Begin integrating these techniques into your company’s current strategic plan so you can start obtaining dynamic, game-changing results!…

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Business Promotion: 3 Handy Applications for Stickers

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As the methods of promotion and advertising continue to evolve, businesses must be creative in order to catch the eye of potential customers who are exposed to a plethora of advertisements all day long. Stickers are one of the most underrated methods of promotion, especially since online advertising has now become the most popular method of improving brand awareness.

Bumper Stickers

Bumpers stickers are a tried and true method of increasing a brand’s audience. When people are stuck in traffic, they will begin to stare at and read every little thing around them. If one car is stuck in traffic twice a day, that bumper sticker will be seen more than 700 times in a year. If thousands of cars have that bumper sticker, the exposure is phenomenal. In order to entice people to put a bumper sticker on their car, a fun contest involving the sticker could be held or the sticker could simply have a fun or witty saying on it.

Gift for Children

When children go into a business that doesn’t exactly cater to children, nothing excites them more than free stickers or coloring pages. A business could print custom stickers and hand them out to children, who will then spread the stickers all over the town much like a bird spreads seeds. Children love to place stickers anywhere and everywhere; a great way to not only make children smile, but promote a business as well.

Tagging Merchandise for Promotion

When a business focuses on selling products, they might not think about including their contact information on the product itself. Instead of missing this golden opportunity, the company should place a sticker on the bottom or side of the product that includes the business name, location, web address, and phone number. This is especially true of companies that produce custom computers, furniture, farm tools, arts and crafts, children’s toys, and more.

While social media sites and PPC programs can be wonderful for business promotion, it is hard to beat the efficiency and success of the incredibly affordable sticker. They’re versatile and can be made to be incredibly attractive. This aids in capturing the attention of potential customers for weeks, months, and even years. Having a wide variety of stickers available increases the reach of the business, from traffic jams to park benches and beyond.…