How To Clean The Rust On The Car Quickly

Rust is one of the most common diseases in vehicles including cars. Rust can be caused by many things such as frequent cars exposed to water, heat, or anything that contains high salt and iron. Rust usually attacks the car on the part of zinc or iron that will eventually make the car body becomes porous little by little and become fragile. Rust on a car is a natural and unavoidable process.

But you can do some effort to prevent and clean the rust on the car. Here are some conditions that can accelerate the occurrence of rust on the car body:

  • Salt, chemicals, air around the coast as well as air pollution factories that can make the rapid development of rust on metal.
  • High humidity especially if it is at temperatures above freezing.
  • The state of the vehicle is wet and for a long time though there are some dry parts.
  • High temperature but not supported with good ventilation so that condensation occurs when the temperature is decreasing.

The trigger condition of a rusty car can also be caused by the mistake of the car owner in terms of treatment. For example, in the process of washing the car, there are remnants of water that settles long in the car. In addition, another cause is to let your car too long in a dirty state after rain. Many parts of the car are always missed in checks that are prone to risk of rusting for example the car body covered by rubber or carpet. For cars that use roof rack, car parts are always covered also become a point prone to risk of rust.

Here are some ways to clean rust on a car that you can do yourself at home:

Cleaning Rust on the Car Exterior

How to clean the rust on the exterior of the car actually uses the principle of dissolving and knocked out rust. In a car vehicle is usually done abrasion mechanic that is by rubbing the rust until the end is not left then after it gives it anti-rust protection. Here are the proper steps to clean rust properly and use simple tools:

  • Prepare the tools and materials you will use such as a delicate scrubbing paper and abrasive scrubbing, brush, rust cleaning fluid, water, detergent, wipes, and rust protectors.
  • Then wash with water and detergent. Scrub on the body of a rusty car with a rough paper scrub to rust in the body of the car is lost and looks clean.
  • After that rub with a fine linen paper to get maximum results.
  • Use acidic water that you can use to clean rust. This acidic water you can use such as orange juice, HCl, Vinegar, and many others. You can use rust cleaning fluid for third stage cleaning. After that, you can rinse it with water and wipe dry.
  • After cleaning is done, you can provide car body protection from rust by painting, using rust protectors, and other ways.