How to Wipe a Faded and Simple Red Car Paint

How To Rub the Faded and Simple Red Car Paint is very helpful when the car is more than 3 years old. Caring for the car certainly is not only always associated with the engine and components that support the work of your car. Car body appearance of course also need to be considered. The condition of the car body is not good of course spur your comfort in driving.

One of the things that greatly affect the appearance of your car is the car cat. Condition of the new car paint is certainly still in a shiny state. But over time the condition of the car paint can fade. Many things that you need the condition of the paint becomes dull or less shiny, among others are:

  • Bird droppings or insects attached to the car body
  • Pollution in the air
  • Car polishers that use abrasive materials
  • Salt
  • Wash the car with hot water
  • And many others.If you want to make your car body shiny, then the thing you need to do first is with the type and type of car paint you use. By knowing this, you can find out which care products are suitable for your car. In type, the type of car paint is divided into three types, among others.

    Nitro Cellulose (NC)

    This type of cat is usually used on cars output 80s. This type of cat is indeed unstable in color and luster so you have to often polish it. If your car uses this type of paint, then you should treat it with silicone based polishing remedies. The product you can use is Amway Silicon Glaze.

    Nitro Cellulose Modified

    This type of NC Modified paint is usually used on the cars of the 90s. Actually the basic ingredients of this car paint is almost the same as the type of NC usually, but in NC Modifications there is an additional material that is the hardener that becomes stronger. For the right treatment, you can use the same material used in the usual NC type.

Polyurethane (PU)

This type of paint is usually used on cars issued in 2000 and above. One of the advantages of this type of paint is its durability is higher than previous paint types. To care for paint this car would be better if not using materials on the basis of silicon, but it is strongly recommended to use ingredients based on organic. The material that is best suited is carnauba. But many other product choices that you can use, which definitely do not get the care products that you use silicon-based.

Then how to polish your car paint to stay in good condition? Well here are some ways you can use.

1. Do not Use Compound

To make your car paint shiny again, it is advisable not to use compound as a routine maintenance. The use of compound can make your car paint will slowly erode so the color of the car can fade. Work compound is as a polishing drug used by rubbing it into the car body. This can indeed polish your car paint because the surface of a dull car can be eroded. But it will actually make car paint can be eroded.

2. Use Wax
If you want to make a shiny car without the need to make paint surface can be eroded, you can use wax because it feels safer. This is because wax has a waxy nature. Here are the steps to use wax on your car.

  • Make sure you put your vehicle in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Wash your car body as a whole. No need to use a car shampoo if your vehicle is not too dirty. But if the condition of your car full of mud and stains, then you can use a car shampoo so that your car body is really in a clean condition.
  • After that, dry the car by using a chamois duster. Then you can start polishing.
  • But if your car paint is still in good condition, you can skip the process of polishing and directly to the waxing process.
  • Prepare waxes, polish remedies, sponges, and soft cloths that are clean or microfiber.
  • Apply a polish sponge polish (if you use a liquid polish model). Then rub the sponge on the body of the car with a circular motion or up and down. After that wait until a few minutes approximately 10-15 minutes.
  • Once dry, you can clean the remnants of polishes by using microfiber. In order for the results can be maximized, you can do so up to several stages do not directly use the drug polish on the whole body of the car.
  • The next process is waxing, for this process is actually almost the same as polishing process

How to Maintain the Right Car Clutch

How to Caring for Car Clutch should not be underestimated because one of the main parts of the car manual. Car clutch is one of the parts in the car which is a vital component that is highly related to the performance of your vehicle. Of course, because of its function is certainly the car clutch requires care for Performance of car still running optimally. Although one of the most vital components in the car, car care is not as difficult as you can imagine.

Especially for the new car with the distance is still below 100,000 km. The figure is a limitation on the mileage indicating that the clutch system in the car still functioning normally and optimal on the mileage.

But it does not apply if the way you drive a car is not quite right or the terrain is quite heavy. The clutch of the manual car is between the transmission and the engine and serves to disconnect and connect the power that the vehicle engine to the wheels pass through the transmission. There are several types of clutches used in the vehicle, including clutch coupling, fluid coupling, and magnetic coupling.

Coupling in a vehicle of course requires a requirement for maximum performance, among others:

  • When connecting with the transmission system must be able to move the power without slip.
  • The clutch of the car must connect the transmission with the vehicle engine gently.
  • The clutch must be able to quickly free the connection of the transmission system perfectly without error.

Clutch work system is divided into several components, each of which has the function to support each other to work the clutch car to the maximum to continue the engine of the car to the drive system. In a set of clutches of cars there are clutch plates, cover clutch (sun), neck clutch (release bearing), and flywheel or fly wheel. Then how the principle of the clutch car work? At the time the clutch pedal is pressed, then the relationship between the engines with the transmission system becomes disconnected because the fly wheel and clutch plates do not touch each other.

This is what causes the power generated by a vehicle engine cannot be passed to the driving component. At the time the clutch pedal is removed, then the engine rotation will return to the transmission system.

But the same thing with other car components, the car clutch must also be experiencing certain problems caused by the usage or age of the clutch that has been long. Well here are the problems that often occur in the car clutch.

First problem

What often happens to the clutch of vehicles is clutch skid. The consequences that can be generated from a slip clutch is to cause the vehicle can be less powerful, cannot run with the maximum, and the vehicle engine is very wasteful of fuel. This is because the engine power cannot be channeled into the transmission system is perfect because the clutch plate is in a state of wear.

Second problem

Clutch that broken-down. The resulting consequences of the broken-down clutch can cause the transmission lever to be unavailable. This is because the clutch plate cannot be separated with the engine because the power is channeled from the pedal is not able to continue on the clutch system. Such circumstances can be due to broken clutch cables, clutch cylinders that leak, and others that can make the power pedal cannot be forwarded to the clutch system.

Third Problem

Is a clutch sticky car. This situation may result in the transmission lever being immovable because it is not separate from the clutch plate and the engine causing the clutch plate to become sticky. What can cause the clutch plate to become sticky is due to water or mud that goes into the clutch system.

Surely you do not want to experience the things that have been described above is not it? To avoid it of course you need to take care of the clutch properly and correctly. Well here are some ways to take care of the clutch is good and right.

Try to routinely check on the clutch system if there is leakage in the clutch oil, especially at the bottom of the clutch. This section is usually often a leak when you step on the clutch pedal is too heavy.
Do also check on the clutch pedal settings whether it is fitting and precise or not, especially on cars that use a clutch rope system.
Also check the pressure setting section of the clutch. Usually a clutch that is in a difficult condition will become heavier when pressed.
If there is a leak in the oil transmission and engine connection, you should reinstall the rear crankshaft seal as soon as possible. If this continues …

How to Take Care of Power Steering so as not to be Damaged Fast

Power steering is a component in the car system that serves to ease the burden when using the steering wheel. With the power steering also, then the car can be easily controlled. This is because the steering wheel performance of the vehicle will be helped by power steering. So the load on the steering wheel is much lighter as well.

Similar to the components in other cars, of course, power steering requires maintenance so that its performance can remain optimal. Actually, how to care for power steering can be simply started from the habits of driving the vehicle properly.

Negligence in driving can cause power steering to be damaged to shorten usage life. For that it is important to take care of power steering properly and correctly. Well here’s how to care for power steering easily.

1. Avoid Driving on Broken Roads

How to care for power steering easily is to avoid the road-damaged streets or potholes. If your car is equipped with power steering system, it is good to avoid such streets. But if there is no other road that can be taken, then as much as possible you pass it carefully and slowly.

Damage that often occurs in power steering is usually due to how to drive a car that is not regular. Strong shocks to power steering can make the components inside be damaged. For that, it is important to pay attention to the road that will be passed by your vehicle. Avoid reckless driving and damaged roads. In addition to reducing the risk of accidents, of course, your power steering will be durable.

2. Avoid Flood Streets

In addition to damaged roads, avoid also through the streets-flooded streets. Such streets easily make power steering become damaged. Not only that, this habit can also damage other components, especially if the flood puddles that you pass are too high.

This is because power steering is an electrical component placed right on the steering wheel parallel to the axle. So that when passing the puddle of flood, of course this component will be easily affected by standing water. If the electrical component is wet, it will certainly cause damage and inevitably you have to replace it with a new one.

3. Do not exceed 10,000 km

What is meant by a distance of 10,000 km here is the distance that has been taken by your vehicle. The use of vehicles that exceed the distance of course will be very influential on the condition of your power steering, coupled with the way of driving the wrong course makes the power steering condition can be damaged.

The use of reasonable vehicles is at a distance of 10,000 km. When reaching a distance of 10,000 km, you should replace your power steering with a new one. If your driving way is irregular, then it could be less than 10,000 km you have to replace it with a new one.

4. Avoid Tire Turn Condition When Parking

This may often happen and be ignored by the owner of the vehicle. Many people park their vehicles with tire conditions are not straight and leave it for a long time. Though this habit when done continuously will make the power steering and ball joint cannot be used in the long term and quickly damaged. So it is better if you always pay attention to the condition of the vehicle when it was parked. Try to leave the vehicle in a condition that does not turn.

5. Turn the Wheel in Medium Speed

By the time you are turning the wheel of the car, it would be better if done in slow or moderate speed. Avoid doing the steering wheel very quickly. At the time of turn, you can reduce the speed first before the vehicle will turn. Hydraulic systems that are used slowly while driving will certainly impact on power steering components are more durable and durable.

6. Avoid Turning Full Wheel at Old Time

Another way to take care of your power steering is by avoiding the habit of turning the steering wheel fully over a long period of time. As you wait for the streets, you can turn the car slightly in the opposite direction.

Playing full and for long periods of time can put pressure on power steering to maximum. It is also the cause of heavy engine performance and the use of fuel to be wasteful.

7. Remember Age of Power Steering Usage

Because power steering is an electronic device, of course, this component has a usage period. The usage age limit of this component is about 5 years. So when it has reached 5 years, then the power steering should be replaced without having to wait for damage first.
Power steering maintenance can also be done by doing routine checks …

How to Set Your Own Car Brake

Hand brake is one type of brake on the car that has a function that keeps your vehicle does not slip when will be parked. Not only that, this hand brake also works when you will stop your car in a long time from 5 minutes to several hours. This hand brake is usually in the middle between the front bench. This component is usually operated by withdrawal in order to activate this hand brake.

Because of its function, then this hand brake will be very important in a vehicle. So if the hand brake is less grip, then it would be very dangerous when you’re parking the vehicle or stop on the road that uphill or sloping.

For that hand brake adjustment is necessary if it is felt the conditions of the hand brake less so good. Usually this setting is also done when the hand brake condition is felt too high when pulling the lever. While setting the hand brake on the automatic car usually because when the brake pedal on the left leg is felt too deep.

To set the car’s hand brake, you can immediately bring to the nearest garage. But actually set the car’s hand brake you can do yourself at home with ease, well here’s how to set the car’s hand brake is good and right.

1. Prepare the Tools needed

Before starting to set up your car’s handbrake, then the first thing you need to do is prepare the necessary tools. Here are some tools that are needed, among others are:

  • Car jack, which is used to lift the car
  • Lock the wheel or can lock 21 which is used to open the wheel nut.
  • Ponytail 12 Shock
  • Anti-rust
  • Bolt 12 mm
  • Flat-head of screwdriver

2. Unpacking the Rear Wheel Drum Brakes

  • First time park your vehicle in a flat position, this is to maintain security. If necessary add a wheel holder and then pull the hand brake.
  • Loosen the nuts in the rear wheel, just enough before you lift the car.
  • The car’s wheels will not touch the ground but there is no need for too much distance between the wheels and the ground.
  • Then open the wheel nuts before they have been relaxed.
  • Then open the rear wheel.

3. How to Open Drake Brake

  • Once the wheel is open, then you can go into the cabin and free or lower the hand brake.
  • After the hand brake is lowered, then turn the brake drum. If the drum brake can be shaken and pulled easily then you can skip this step.
  • Then spray anti-rust on the gap in the wheel nut and wheel connection. This is because rust will be easily visible on the part.
  • Wait a few minutes until the rust fluid permeates between the drum brakes and the wheel gap.
  • Then insert a 12 mm bolt into a threaded hole of the same size. After that turn the bolt clockwise using the 12 key, or you can also use a combination 12 lock or a shock key until the bake drum can be pulled out.
  • Remove the brake drum and then open the 12 mm bolt earlier to be able to remove the drum brake.4. Setting the Car Hand Brake
  • After you make adjustments to the brake shoe, then do not forget to check the thickness of the brake pad. If the condition is less than 1-2 mm, it would be better if replacing the brake lining.
  • Use a minus screwdriver to rotate up on the adjusting gear.
  • It will usually be heard “click” while it is playing. Approximately 5-10 times the sound of “click”. At the time this condition is set then brake shoes can expand.
  • Put the drum brake and make sure if the drum brake can be easily entered. If not, then the brake pad is too outgoing or too much tuning. So reduce some of the rotation on the adjusting teeth by rotating from the opposite direction.
  • Then reinsert the brake drum and make sure it can spin easily. If not then it will cause the sound of “dug dug” that disturb when the car backed out.
  • Then reinstall the wheel in its correct position and tighten the nut on the wheel.
  • Then go into the car cabin and then check how many times the click “click” when you pull the handbrake lever. Usually there will be about 6-7 clicks after the brake settings.

    Well that was an explanation on how to set the hand brake the right car and you can do yourself at home. Because the function is quite important, do not forget also to take care of the car’s hand brake for good condition. Hopefully the above information can be useful for you.

Excess and Shortage of Mini Cooper

Who does not know mini cooper car? This car is famous for its unique shape with the size of a small car body that makes a different impression than the other premium car in the class. Although sold at a fairly expensive price, but this car has been equipped with various features of the latest technology with a powerful engine that is large enough.

Initially Mini Cooper is a car produced by British Motor Corporation, which is a British company in 1959. But over time, this car changed hands and then officially entered into the BMW AG in 1994. There are many types of Mini Cooper which is marketed in Indonesia.

At least about 5 types are quite popular in the market ranging from Countryman, Paceman, Joh Cooper Works, 3 Door and 5 Door and many others. For those of you who want to choose Mini Cooper as the car of choice, it is important for you to learn the advantages and disadvantages of your car. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Mini Cooper that you need to know.

Excess Mini Cooper

Here are some advantages possessed by Mini Cooper:

1. The Design is Sporty and Charming

One of the most visible advantages of this car is the design is quite sporty and look attractive. Exterior design really look firm from the sporty side of it. So often this car dubbed a small chili, although this small car still reliable to drive on the streets with high speed though.

2. The Interior is Elegant and spacious

You can see the interior of this car is quite elegant and also roomy, so the element of comfort for passengers of this car no doubt. Seat position so comfortable because it is coated with quality leather upholstery seats. The cabin is quite dense but still feels roomy. Even the sounds coming from outside the car will not disturb you into the car so you remain calm and comfortable.

3. Using the Latest Machine and Powerful

Mini cooper equipped with a powerful enough engine and the latest that certainly make the performance of the car becomes more resilient. The average Mini Cooper car uses MINI Twin Power Turbo Engine technology engine that can have the highest speed up to hundreds of km / h and of course tough to use in solid road though.

4. Luxury Features and Facilities

Judging from the features and facilities embedded in this Mini Cooper, you can feel the sensation of features and luxurious facilities with the latest technology. Of course each type of car has its own features. For example, the Mini Cooper Countryman is equipped with Automatic Stability Control + Traction technology that makes the car work system becomes more stable and acceleration is easy even on the road that even turn. There is another feature of 4 sensors on the ABS braking system equipped CBD + EBD that makes the car can automatically stop suddenly when in high speed. This is the excellence of the Mini Cooper on passenger safety and security systems.

5. The car is special and unique

BMW production car is indeed considered quite special and unique because its shape is different from the type of car hatchback in general. You can feel the impression of fun to drive that can be immediately felt when driving. Mini Cooper also comes with 2 engine options namely gasoline engines and diesel engines that have the same advantages each.

6. Car Tires Quite Sturdy

The most unique thing and become the advantages of the Mini Cooper is a tire car is quite sturdy. This is because the selection of run flat tires is used so that it can still be used even in a deflated condition. In addition, because the side walls are also reinforced it can allow you to drive a vehicle up to 90 miles with a maximum speed of 50 mph. So when the tire is leaking, then you do not need to disassemble and change the tires.

7. Security Features Also Very Complete

Another plus that you can find is on the security features that are installed on the Mini Cooper. For example, in the type of Mini Cooper Countryman is supported by ABS braking system equipped with CBC technology or Cornering Brake Control and Electronic Brake force Distribute on make the vehicle braking to the maximum and of course make driving more secure.

Shortage Mini Cooper

Not only the advantages, Mini Cooper also has some shortcomings that you need to know:

1. The price is quite expensive

One of the shortcomings of Mini Cooper cars most visible is the selling price is quite expensive in Indonesia. For the cheapest size only, this car is priced at 500 million rupiah. Even the price of this car in Indonesia is much more …

Causes Car Headlights Off Next

The Cause of Dead Front Car Lights is often because of a very trivial thing. Car headlights are an important part of your vehicle. With the car lights, you can easily and safely while driving a car at night. Headlamps or head lamp lamps (head lamps) typically use standard lamp sizes around 55-60 watts.

But if your car lights are equipped with relays then usually use lights powerless 90-100 watts. If your vehicle still uses a standard lamp will want a lighter powered lights flame, then you must cable relay to maintain the security of your car.

So what if your car’s headlights are like dead or red? Surely it can be risky to large. You can be picked up by the police or even at risk of a fatal accident because you cannot see objects that are in front clearly. A variety of problems that often occur on the headlights of the car is.

  • The lights do not turn on either, either the right or left lights are all dead total.
  • The lights just turn on the side only, the right or left only.
  • Only short-range lights are on.
  • Only long-distance lights are on.In order for us to know the cause of damage to the headlights of the car, you can test it by using a test pen. It could be damaged comes from a light bulb, broken fuse, cable problematic and many others. The following will be explained more about the causes of car headlights can be dead.

    1. Fuse Disconnect

The most common cause of the Dead Car Dead Light is due to this. The honorable headlights of the car can die is a fuse that breaks. These fuses are usually located at the bottom or near the steering wheel. Form a fuse like a tooth or two fingers. You can search for a fuse that serves as a fuse of your car’s headlights.

Once checked and guaranteed the condition is broken, you can fix it by wrapping two pieces of metal fiber from the cable to the second terminal. And then reinstall this fuse appropriately.

You can register the fuse of the car with a new fuse, finger nicknames you can also do yourself at home if you have his tools. If you want to use a simple way then you can use the service shop. Because it is clear and certain that the workshop has all the tools that are needed by the car. Replacement of the fuse also does not need to be expensive.

2. Problem on Lamp Bulb

Sometimes your car’s headlights do not die totally, only on one part only. For the cause, this is not the result of a fuse from the lamp. Motor that has been burned and need to be replaced.

For flash light bulb, please return the flash. If the light bulb filament condition is damaged and there is a change of color on the glass then you should immediately fall on your car light bulb.

If you use a light bulb made from mica, then it cannot last long because it will be more opaque when it is long used. This matter is raw material (mica) not resistant to hot temperature condition. So the risk of breaking and cracking is likely to occur. For a temporary fix, you can open the lamp and then clean it by using a clean loop.

3. The Wrong Way of Installation

Incorrect lighting installation can also cause the car headlights to break down quickly. When installing a car light bulb, you do not accidentally hold the tube directly. This will result in dirt, grease, and other on the hands attached to the tube. So when the light is on, the dirt and fat will make the gas in the lamp tube concentrated in one part only. So that the heat that is on the surface of the tube is not spread evenly.

This if left continuously it will make the tube becomes broken and the lamp life is not durable. For that, it is advisable to ensure the cleanliness of your car’s light tube so as not to have dirt, dust, and oil stuck there.

Although initially only make the light becomes dim and not focused, but if left continuously will make the lamp will break. Even if there is moisture or moisture in the car’s light bulb at the time the car’s bulb breaks then the moisture or vapor will lead to cables that can make a short circuit when the current is flowing.

4. Cable or Relay Condition

Other causes of car headlights can die is on the cable or relay. To check it, make sure the contact condition is on and the battery is on. Then notice whether the condition of the cable causing the car headlights can …

How To Clean The Rust On The Car Quickly

Rust is one of the most common diseases in vehicles including cars. Rust can be caused by many things such as frequent cars exposed to water, heat, or anything that contains high salt and iron. Rust usually attacks the car on the part of zinc or iron that will eventually make the car body becomes porous little by little and become fragile. Rust on a car is a natural and unavoidable process.

But you can do some effort to prevent and clean the rust on the car. Here are some conditions that can accelerate the occurrence of rust on the car body:

  • Salt, chemicals, air around the coast as well as air pollution factories that can make the rapid development of rust on metal.
  • High humidity especially if it is at temperatures above freezing.
  • The state of the vehicle is wet and for a long time though there are some dry parts.
  • High temperature but not supported with good ventilation so that condensation occurs when the temperature is decreasing.

The trigger condition of a rusty car can also be caused by the mistake of the car owner in terms of treatment. For example, in the process of washing the car, there are remnants of water that settles long in the car. In addition, another cause is to let your car too long in a dirty state after rain. Many parts of the car are always missed in checks that are prone to risk of rusting for example the car body covered by rubber or carpet. For cars that use roof rack, car parts are always covered also become a point prone to risk of rust.

Here are some ways to clean rust on a car that you can do yourself at home:

Cleaning Rust on the Car Exterior

How to clean the rust on the exterior of the car actually uses the principle of dissolving and knocked out rust. In a car vehicle is usually done abrasion mechanic that is by rubbing the rust until the end is not left then after it gives it anti-rust protection. Here are the proper steps to clean rust properly and use simple tools:

  • Prepare the tools and materials you will use such as a delicate scrubbing paper and abrasive scrubbing, brush, rust cleaning fluid, water, detergent, wipes, and rust protectors.
  • Then wash with water and detergent. Scrub on the body of a rusty car with a rough paper scrub to rust in the body of the car is lost and looks clean.
  • After that rub with a fine linen paper to get maximum results.
  • Use acidic water that you can use to clean rust. This acidic water you can use such as orange juice, HCl, Vinegar, and many others. You can use rust cleaning fluid for third stage cleaning. After that, you can rinse it with water and wipe dry.
  • After cleaning is done, you can provide car body protection from rust by painting, using rust protectors, and other ways.